Rrr - rrr - sloth

Sonya: For Sonya, the last few weeks have been busy and hectic. No sooner had she arrived in Sandpoint and met with her ailing grandfather Ethram than she was promptly volunteered to help prepare for the Festival, as many in the town have been doing. Her uncle Belven has appreciated the help, drafting her into helping supervise loading and unloading at the Valdemar-owned shipyard, and coordination of the fishery output towards making sure the inns have plenty of fresh catch for their signature dishes, and that the Valdemar-owned booths for the fair will be ready to go, and that the ledger books are being correctly administered... so forth and so forth. In the evenings, she's spent time with her grandfather, sitting by the fire in the Valdemar manor house and answering his staccato questions on the state of things in the shipyard and back in Magnimar as well-- questions broken by his hacking cough. It's possible that after the festival has come and gone, Sonya will finally have a bit of time to catch her breath.... one hopes. The day of the festival dawns bright, and optimism runs high among her family members here-- they speak of 'good times ahead' and 'profitable trade restored,' as well as putting 'the late unpleasantness' well into the past... Should she ask about this 'unpleasantness,' Sonya is told in somewhat hushed-and-pained tones that, five years ago, the town was plagued by two disparate catastrophes occurring closely together: the first was that a murderer named 'Chopper' killed twenty-five citizens in a grisly spree of violence before being finally put down himself, and the second, a few weeks later, was the tragic fire that burnt down Sandpoint's chapel of the gods (killing the old priest and his daughter). However, today will mark not only the Swallowtail Festival, but a consecration of a new cathedral, a beautiful structure that the entire community has put resources towards (not least, the Valdemar family). Six gods, including Desna-- and Sonya's own Abadar-- will be worshiped at the new temple, and spirits run high for the good fortune that this should bring the town.